Easy steps to start selling at Bizzy and meet thousands of your potential customers
Improve your business, by joining the largest online B2B platform in Indonesia, a marketplace that is more transparent, secure and easy to improve your business.
Benefits of Selling on the Bizzy Marketplace:

  1. New Customer Network
    Access to new customers to the corporate level without geographical and resource restrictions.
  2. Selling Wholesale Scale
    Doing business with larger volumes with tiered prices, faster turnover and higher sales.
  3. Free of Fees and Commissions
    Free initial investment or registration fees, and Free commission discounts on sales.
6 Easy Steps to Start Selling at Bizzy Marketplace:
Register as Vendor
1. Register as a Vendor

Select “Register” to create a new account, or “Sign in” if your account is already registered.

2. Register Product

There are already thousands of product catalogs available on the Bizzy Marketplace Vendor Center platform that you can choose from or adjust to the products you sell. Selling wholesale scale and set multilevel prices for goods turnover, and sales of goods higher.

Manage Product Catalog
Selling Strategically
3. Receive and Confirm Buyer Request (RFQ)

You will receive a notification for each order or request from the buyer via email or on the dashboard. Immediately confirm order by completing shipping information:

  1. Delivery service
  2. Delivery date
  3. Tax invoice document (optional)
  4. Other documents (optional)

Then send your Quotation to the buyer.

4. Receive Purchase Orders (POs) and Shipping Confirmations

If the offer has been received and paid for by the buyer, a Purchase Order (PO) will be automatically created by the system and sent to you. Please confirm delivery by pressing the “Create Confirm Delivery” button and immediately ship the product according to the order.

Register as Vendor
Manage Product Catalog
5. Send Order

You are expected to immediately process the order and deliver the product in accordance with the order in the Purchase Order. You also need to complete:

  1. Travel Letter by Bizzy Marketplace
    • The travel number will automatically be filled in by the system
  2. Travel Document by Your Own Courier
    • Fill in the travel permit number
    • Upload travel documents
6. Claim Payment

If the Buyer has received and confirmed receipt of the goods, payment will be forwarded to your account.

Register as Vendor

  1. Can I upload products that are not in the Bizzy Marketplace catalog?
    If the product you are trying to sell is not yet available in the Bizzy Marketplace catalog, you can submit a new product by clicking “Submit a New Product”, fill in the product description and include a product photo then click “Submit”. If the product addition has been successful then you will get a notification via email.
  2. How do you change the account number?
    Click “Settings” then select Company Profile. In the Company Bank Account column, click “Change”. You can change the Bank Name, Owner Name and Bank Account Number.
  3. Can I add user accounts?
    You can add user accounts. Click “Settings” select User. Then click the “Add User” icon on the right side of the screen. You can fill in information such as: Full Name, Email, Mobile Number and User Role. Next confirmation of the Account Creation Invitation will be sent via email.
  4. How long will I receive payment?
    • The seller can make a confirmation of the order arriving by filling in the receipt of order confirmation data (Recipient's Name, Date of Order Arriving, Receipt File), after the data is filled in completely, the seller can send the confirmation by pressing the “Send Order Confirmation Arrived” button. After the buyer confirms the receipt of goods, the payment will immediately be forwarded to your account.
    • If you have sent but the buyer did not confirm receipt of the goods, then confirmation of receipt of goods will be done by the system automatically within a maximum of 5 working days, then payment will be forwarded to your account.
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