Who can register as a Vendor?

All companies that sell new and original products, have their business registered in the taxation agencies in Indonesia.

What documents are needed to register as a Vendor?

The required documents for registration are:

  • NPWP
  • SIUP
How to sell at Bizzy.co.id?

To be able to start to transact, do the following steps:

  • Register at Bizzy Vendor Center
  • Create a product catalog
  • When there is an order entry, confirm the order, prepare the products according to the order, and print the Delivery Order (DO) when the product is ready to be delivered.
  • When an order has been received and there is no mistake, then you can file an invoice, and your payment will be made within the period mentioned in the Terms of Payment (TOP) in the agreement.
What goods and services can be sold at Bizzy.co.id?

You can sell up to 14 categories

  1. Automotive & Transportation
  2. Furniture and Furnishings)
  3. Farming and Tools
  4. Gift & Merchandise, Professional Services
  5. Home Decor and Home Appliances Electronic
  6. Hotel, Restaurant, Café Services
  7. Industrial Electronic
  8. IT & Technology
  9. MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul)
  10. Office Supplies
  11. Pantry, Cleaning, and Health
  12. Printing, Camera, Audio-Visual
  13. Surveillance and Security System
  14. Transport, Cargo, and Industrial Services
Are there any fees charged if I register to become a Vendor?

THERE IS NO FEES CHARGED. You can register your products and services for FREE after becoming a Vendor. And there is also NO deducted percentage of commission on sales.

Is there a minimum registration of products and services to start selling at Bizzy.co.id?

There is no minimum number of SKUs to start selling. Simply by registering only 1 SKU, you can already start selling.

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