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Search Products & Insert into Shopping Cart
cari produk
  1. Find the product you want in the Category list or type it in the search column (you can learn about the product descriptions, technical specifications, and supporting documents if any).
  2. Choose a vendor based on on their performance stock, prices and location.
  3. Select Shipping Address (you can see the Shipping Information).
  4. Check the product descriptions and technical product.
  5. Input the number of products you will purchase in accordance with the quantity level per Vendor.
  6. Click Add To Cart.
periksa daftar pesanan
  1. Check your list of orders that have been separated based on the vendor (product name, total quantity, shipping fee, and the total of the purchase).
  2. Select option “Let vendor to ship product in a half”, if customer wants their products to be sent in a half.
  3. Select Payment Method.
  4. Then click send orders.

You will receive a notification email after your order.
Conduct the payment according to the method you had chosen. A payment guide can be found at https://www.bizzy.co.id/customer-service/payment/en.

Approval flow
pesanan diteruskan
  1. Your order will be forwarded to the next level or tier (Approver) according to the rules and regulations. You can change, delete or add tiers in the settings section.
  2. Your order will be forwarded to the Vendor when all the levels or tiers have approved.
Orders being processed
vendor menerima email

Vendors will receive an email with a notification of your order, and will confirm orders based on the product availability.
Vendors will prepare the product to be shipped to the logistics partner according to the Delivery Time listed on the product page.

Orders Sent
pesanan dikirim

Your order has been sent by our logistics partner.
The delivery guide can be located at Delivery Menu.

Accept Orders
terima dan periksa pesanan

Accept and double check your order.
Conduct a confirmation for the orders received.
If you have any complaints, you can check the guides located at  https://www.bizzy.co.id/customer-service/return-and-exchange

dapatkan e-faktur

Get an online tax invoice (e-invoice) by calling Bizzy Support at 021-278 999 55 or email to support@bizzy.co.id


Can I shop or make a purchase without creating an account?

You can only shop or purchase at Bizzy.co.id after creating your account. You can get the latest information and see the complete product page after you have registered.

Can I make an order by simply calling Bizzy.co.id?

Regular shopping or purchase can be done online at Bizzy.co.id. For large expenditures or projects, please contact our Account Manager. If you do not have an Account Manager yet, you can send an email to support@bizzy.co.id.

What is a multi-tiered wholesale price?

We provide multilevel prices with a minimum purchase amount determined by each Vendor separately. The higher amount of products purchased, the cheaper the price to pay.

What is the basis for the rating of the performance level (Rating) on Vendor?

Information regarding the Performance level on Vendors is based on the rating that we apply to the Vendors, such as: Price competitiveness, Speed of response or time of response for the orders, delivery precision, Speed of delivery, frequency of Canceled orders and after sales services.

How do you delete items in your shopping cart?

In order to delete items in your shopping cart, follow the steps below:

  1. Look for items that you want to delete in the shopping cart.
  2. Click the ‘X’ symbol on the right-hand side of the item.
  3. Your shopping cart will be updated, and the item will automatically be deleted.
What notifications will I receive after I finish shopping?

You will receive an email notification of your order status based on the following conditions:

  1. If all of your orders are confirmed by all the sellers, then you will receive an email from each of the seller containing or covering the details of the items that are processed.
  2. If all of your orders are from one seller and there are some of the orders that are rejected, you will receive an email containing or covering details of the item that are being processed / rejected.
  3. If all of your orders are from multiple sellers and there are some of the orders that are rejected, you will receive an email from each seller containing or covering the details of the items that are being processed / rejected.
  4. If all of your orders are rejected by all of the sellers, you will receive an email from each of the seller that contains or covers the details of the items that are declined or rejected.
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