Is there any Delivery Charges?

There is free delivery, for delivery in the Jadetabek area (Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi) without any minimum purchase. As for the areas outside of Jadetabek, the delivery cost is determined based on the tariff calculated from the delivery location and the result of the weight vs measurement (weight vs dimension) of the order. You can check and see the total delivery cost when you ‘Checkout’.

How do I know the total delivery cost?

The Total Delivery cost is listed below the Total Cost and is added to the Grand Total Order at the time of Checkout.

What is Bizzy Delivery Service?

Bizzy Delivery Service is an integrated delivery service supported by Bizzy.

What if I am not in the office when the order arrives?

We always ensure that the goods are received with a clear recipient name. If you are not in the office when the order arrives, and you want to know the name of the person who received your order, you can contact Bizzy Support at 021-278 999 55 or email to We can help you contact the courier and ask for the recipient’s name.

Are there certain areas not covered by the delivery service? can deliver to all the regions of Indonesia. For more information, please contact Bizzy Support at 021-278 999 55 or email to

Can deliver orders to a different address other than the primary address? will deliver your order according to the delivery address specified at the time of Checkout. You can add and change the desired delivery address on the Settings page. However, one order can only be sent to one address.

Estimation Time Delivery
2.Bangka Belitung8-10
5.D.I Yogyakarta7-8
6.DKI Jakarta3-5
9.Jawa Barat6-7
10.Jawa Tengah7-8
11.Jawa Timur8-9
12.Kalimantan Barat11-12
13.Kalimantan Selatan12-13
14.Kalimantan Tengah13-15
15.Kalimantan Timur15-16
16.Kepulauan Riau8-9
19.Maluku Utara12-13
20.Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam11-12
21.Nusa Tenggara Barat10-11
22.Nusa Tenggara Timur12-14
24.Papua Barat19-20
26.Sulawesi Barat11-12
27.Sulawesi Selatan11-12
28.Sulawesi Tengah12-13
29.Sulawesi Tenggara12-13
30.Sulawesi Utara13-15
31.Sumatera Barat8-9
32.Sumatera Selatan8-9
33.Sumatera Utara10-11
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