How to shop or make a purchase? 

For the shopping or purchasing guide, you can see them at

Where can I get more information regarding a product? 

Complete information regarding a product is displayed on the product detail page, such as the: picture, description, feature, specification, seller (merchant), price, availability of the stock, and estimated delivery time

Can I find out regarding the amount of stock available for the product? 

Yes, you can find out the amount of stock available on the product page.

Is there a minimum and maximum purchase amount? 

There is no minimum purchase limit and there is no maximum purchase limit. 

Will large quantity purchases receive a discount?  

The price shown in is a fixed price. There is however, a multi-level/multi-tiered pricing for every product. This means that the higher the quantity purchases or ordered, the cheaper the price will be.  

I have a special project with a large quantity and a variety of products, is Bizzy able to help me? 

Yes, Bizzy is able to help. Contact Bizzy Support at (021) 278-999-55 or email to and we will help you shortly.

Are all the products found in the catalog original products? 

All the products we provide are original products.

What are the terms and conditions for the warranty of a product? 

The terms and conditions supporting the validity periods and warranty details of a product are subject to the applicable trademark holder or the authorized distributor normally seen on the warranty card. 

Will I get a tax invoice? 

Yes, you will get a tax invoice for the purchases that you have made. Get an online tax invoice (e-invoice) by calling Bizzy Support at (021) 278-999-55 or email ke

Can I change my order?

Yes, as long as you have not completed the checkout process until which you make a payment then you can still make changes to the order 

Can I cancel my order? 

You may cancel an order that has not been paid for. 

I need items or products that are not in the catalog 

Contact Bizzy Support at (021) 278-999-55 or email ke, we will help you soon

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