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Benefits of Shopping at Bizzy Marketplace:

  1. Extensive Local Vendor Network
    Take advantage of the company’s customer network in Indonesia
  2. Save More and Lower Risk
    Get savings with transparent multilevel prices
  3. More Efficient and Productive
    Increase efficiency over the productivity of the procurement process digitally

6 Easy Steps to Start Shopping at Bizzy Marketplace

Sign In / Register

Select “Register” to create a new account to facilitate your purchase, or “Sign In” if your account is already registered.

  • Register
    1. Enter Company Name
    2. Enter Full Name
    3. Enter the mail address
    4. Enter Phone Number
    5. Enter password
    6. Click “Register as a Buyer”

  • Sign In
    1. Enter the registered email
    2. Enter password
    3. Click “Sign In”
Search for Products & Add to Shopping Cart
cari produk
  1. Search for the product you want in the Category List or type in the “Search” column (you can learn the product description, technical specifications, vendor name, price to the number of available offers).
  2. You can filter search results by brand, relevance to price, select one of the products and then click “View Details”.
  3. Select Vendor based on location (you can study the Vendor profile, up to the product catalog sold by the Vendor).
  4. Click add to basket, then enter the desired quantity.
  5. Click “View All” to see the order in more detail, then enter the quantity if you want to increase the product quantity or click the “Delete” icon to delete the order.
Send Request (RFQ: Request for Quotation)
periksa daftar pesanan
  1. If the order is correct, click “Request Quotation” to fill out the RFQ form.
  2. In the RFQ form section enter the Internal RFQ number, Note (if applicable), RFQ Expiration Date.
  3. Select product shipping preferences.
  4. Click “Send RFQ” to send the RFQ form to the Vendor.
  5. If the RFQ form is correct, you can save it as a draft for review.
Receive Quotation

After RFQ is confirmed by the Vendor, enter the dashboard click “View Details” and click “Accept Quotation” and enter the internal order number if the Quotation sent by the Vendor is correct, or reject Quotation if the Quotation sent is not appropriate.

pesanan diteruskan
  1. Enter the order module, search for and select the order number to pay, you can filter orders based on: date created, status and name of the seller, then click “View Details” then click “Payment Method”.
  2. Select one of the bank’s Virtual Account (VA) payment methods, then click “Continue Payment”.
  3. You can see payment instructions on the same page and you have 24 hours to complete payment.
  4. If payment has been successfully made, then the status of your order will change to “Provisioning Process” with the status of the billing number changing to “Paid”.
Order Processed
vendor menerima email

The vendor will receive a notification of your order, and will make a delivery confirmation by completing:

  1. Delivery service
  2. Delivery date
  3. Tax invoice document (optional)
  4. Other documents (optional)
Order Shipped
pesanan dikirim

After the Vendor has made and completed the delivery confirmation, the status of your order will change to “On Delivery”.

Receive Order
terima dan periksa pesanan

Click “Confirm Receipt” if you have received the goods sent by the Vendor. After you confirm receipt, the payment will be forwarded to the Vendor.


Can I shop without creating an account?

You can only shop at Bizzy Marketplace after creating an account. You can get the latest information and see the full product page after you have registered.

Is there a minimum purchase?

There is no minimum quantity and nominal purchase to shop at Bizzy Marketplace using the CBD (Cash Before Delivery) payment method.

How can I find out the delivery status of my order?

You can monitor the status of the shipment through your account, select “Order” then in the Transaction List column, you can see the status of the order, if the Vendor has sent the item, then the status displayed is “In Delivery”.

How do I know that payment has been received by Bizzy Marketplace?

Your payment will be verified automatically by the system, to see more details you can open the Transaction List page and select “Bill”, if you have already made the payment then the status changes to “Paid”.

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