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About Bizzy Distribution

Bizzy Distribution legally stands under PT Sinarmas Distribution Nusantara is a national distributor with 27 years of experience in Indonesia’s FMCG industry. Bizzy Distribution cover 35 branches and 80 sub-distributors throughout Indonesia, we serve the sales and distribution process for consumer products from well-known FMCG brands to all traditional markets, modern markets, grocery stores and the food service industry for up to 330,000 distribution points and growing.

Our Service

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Sales Team

We provide brands with a dynamic field sales team service that has years of experience in the market and the core expertise to assist brands in influencing and maintaining a long-term relationships with retailers to drive a deeper direct coverage, thus, resulting in wider numeric distribution in the desired territory. Bizzy Distributions’s Field Sales Representatives ready to assist in:

  • Educating retailers on brand’s products and selling products to the store.
  • Stock Opname, survey and merchandise.
  • Cash collection.

Our Field Sales Representatives are a digitized workforce; equipped with a leading field force digital application (sales force automation) that helps us drive e!ciency and productivity in daily visits and at each store itself. The digital application is also seamlessly integrated with our retail application ecosystem that allows us to breakout of the traditional sales limitation of the daily visit, to scale to industry leading levels of productivity.

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Logistics - Warehousing & Shipping

Bizzy Distribution’s warehouses are spread across 35 branch locations throughout Indonesia. Equipped with fleet of trucks and drivers on standby, we provide full fulfillment services for all distribution channels (markets and supermarkets, including key accounts and food service industries) on behalf of brands.

Tracking and optimization of order delivery routes to be on time and cost-effective with the Transport Management System (TMS) and driver applications that include notifications and electronic proof of delivery to customers.

Monitoring warehouse stock availability with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and (under development) automated re-purchase based on DOI level approval with a demand and supply planning system.

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Payment and Collection

Moving towards the digital distribution era, Bizzy Distribution is also transforming the way we collect cash payments. Our customers make daily transactions using cashless payments and electronic payments (e-financing).

  • Connect to modern trade key account systems to automate purchase orders and billing processing.
  • Collection and billing management system by sending invoices to customers.
  • Digital payments via virtual accounts and digital wallet transactions.
  • Payment and collection transaction transparency that can be monitored directly via intelligent credit scoring and live collection visibility (under development).

Bizzy Distribution as a leading Indonesia's offline-to-online distributor is equipped with a robust digital strategy as well as a cutting edge technology to maximize productivity in a data driven manner

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Tokosmart Application

Designed to complement our field sales team by leveraging our core expertise in distribution, Tokosmart's goal is to create digital convenience and efficiency in the ordering process, receiving inventory and payments for retail stores that allow us to improve customer service and reduce loss sales due to stock outs.

  • Various daily necessities and digital products.
  • Cashback on every transaction and various product discounts.
  • Delivery tracking and transaction history monitoring.
  • Various payment features.
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Live Data for Principals

Bizzy Distribution believes in transparently working with brands to drive long term win-win effectiveness, and as such allows brands to seamlessly access their sales and stock reports and performance through our digital portal.

Leaders of Bizzy Distribution

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Harsinto Huang

CEO, Bizzy Distribution

Harsinto is driven by the mission to develop a world-class distribution business that serves a wide ...

Previous Work Experience :

PT Tiga Pilar Sejahtera Food, Tbk, HM Sampoerna/ Philip Morris, TNT Indonesia.

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Roni Setiawan

CFO, Bizzy Distribution

Roni is responsible for the financial planning, risk management, accounting, and tax-related matters...

Previous Work Experience :

Schlumberger, PT Smart Tbk, dan KPMG Indonesia.

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Mokh Asrul Akhdi

Head of Commercial Distribution

Asrul, a seasoned professional in the commercial field is challenged to utilize his expertise in dev...

Previous Work Experience :

TPS food, Unilever and Danone.

bizzy team

Toga Suryanto

Head of Logistics

Toga Suryanto is our Head of Logistics who committed himself in leading our product shipment across ...

Previous Work Experience :

TNT, Wicaksana, Wira Logistics and RPX Group

bizzy team

Tjen Romi

Head of Strategy Partnership

Tjen Romi is actively leading the business growth and driving its success together with well-known b...

Previous Work Experience :

XL Axiata Tbk, CIMB Niaga, Salim Group, and PT Conbloc Indonesia.